Tamas Hajdu

Tamas is a certified cartographer and fullstack web developer with strong skills in GIS and web mapping. His passion for maps comes from as early as his childhood, when he was fascinated by the colors and layout of folded road maps while taking road trips with his family across Europe. He is always looking to incorporate the latest and greatest in web mapping into his projects, creating beautiful- and easy to use mapping applications and visualizations. In his freetime, he either spends time with family and friends, travels or flies FPV with his quadcopter.

His skillset includes • Mapbox, Mapbox GL JS, Mapbox Studio, Google Maps API, LeafletJS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, Graphhopper, QGIS, Javascript, React, NodeJS, AWS

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Rita Hajdu-Gregor

Rita initially started university to become a geologist, but she later found out she was more interested in cartography and UX & UI design.
Following her graduation, she worked at a couple of companies in the cartography and GIS field to gain the necessary experience. She has a very good command of Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD and Figma and that - paired with her excellent design skills - makes her a very good designer, who creates high quality UI & UX designs, logos, brand identity designs, social media ad designs and maps.

Her skillset includes • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe XD, Figma Her design portfolio •  instagram.com/hajdugregorrita

Picture of Rita Hajdu-Gregor

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    As much as we love working with GIS and web maps, we also focus on sharing our geospatial knowledge with our clients.

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